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Congratulations Fernando on Achieving PgMP..!

Congratulations Fernando on Achieving PgMP..!

03/05/2017 2

Congratulations Fernando Andrews On Achieving PgMP on 3rd May, 2017..!

And Became 7th PgMP in Mexico.


Another Success Story At PMCerty.

Maintaining 100% PgMP Success Rate at PMCerty.

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  • fandrews


    A great achievement in my career. A key part of my preparation was the didactic support and structure of the PM CERTY Program Management course. Thanks to this I was able to achieve this achievement. Mentoring, couching, work groups and simulators with the degree of difficulty required to pass the PgMP certification exam. Thanks to the whole team. Kind regards From Mexico!!! Here have a friend! Atte. Fernando Andrew Sanchez

  • fandrews


    Thank you very much Jitesh. This achievement was thanks to your unconditional support and mentoring. Thanks to the support also from PM Certy that was certainly essential to achieve structured knowledge to achieve certification. Many thanks to you and your team. Kind regards from Mexico